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Automation Testing for SaaS Platform

November 28, 2022

About the Customer

The client is a next-generation SaaS platform that revolutionizes sharing collective intelligence within an enterprise. It is a platform for the digital transformation of companies for the application.

It is a growing software company with a mission to help boost the digital transformation of businesses. It also helps them accelerate their digital transformation, enhance performance, and drive a knowledge-first culture with exceptional digital experiences.

Our client adopted a continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) by mid-2021 and underwent a digital transformation process.


One of the significant challenges our client faced was that it needed a clearer understanding of where its platform stands in terms of quality and performance. It needed to ensure its software works appropriately to fulfill its customer’s requirements.

Our client hired us to help build an advanced test automation suite. Also, they needed more clarity about how unit tests should be written and a better understanding of the scope of coverage.


Our expert team helped our client find and prevent errors by implementing a mature testing process and also prevented them from going into production. We first formulated an action plan to improve their quality control efforts and boost their digital transformation process.

Our action plan:

We identified these three areas that we believe were important to address immediately:

Front-end automation, in front-end and back-end (API): By automating the front-end testing, our client will be able to release updates and new features faster and with zero to fewer bugs. It will help them ensure that the application works correctly on the web/desktop of the end-user. To help our clients ensure their API responds to unexpected and expected requests. This test is to verify the API’s functionality and ensure its reliability, performance, and security.

Functional tests: Our client should ensure that the application they are introducing for the digital transformation functions as intended. It should work properly and deliver key expected outputs to the end user.

Performance testing: It will reveal any vulnerabilities in an application and identify the areas that need to be improved so it can accept upgrades and is more scalable.

This strategy aims to offer a more robust testing strategy and a higher quality application over the long term. Therefore, our collaboration roles include the following:

Performance and API tester:

Automated tools for frontend testing (Python and Selenium):

The scope of our work was extensive: we addressed our client’s testing requirements manually, as well as API and automated front end. We also performed performance testing.


We provided our client with a continuous, efficient, and mature testing system.

Our client was able to detect the vulnerabilities in their application at a very early stage, so it reduced overall testing costs for them.

The early detection of defects in the servers, databases, and interface helped our client improve the overall software quality and its interaction with end users.

An API test is 35 times faster than the GUI testing process, and many tests were done quicker than expected, so it helped our client make effective use of time.

Our client increased their digital transformation and scaled their quality control levels.

They were able to satisfy their customers with fully functional next-generation practices.

Why Transpire?

Transpire is a global IT consulting company with more than 15 years of experience providing businesses with digital solutions and a roadmap for digital transformation. We offer managed services, design, development, strategy, and consulting to help you automate your IT processes. Let us handle your automation processes while you focus on your core business.


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