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CI/CD Pipeline for Digital Media and Marketing Industry

December 5, 2022

About the Client

The company is a well-positioned, French media powerhouse for digital success. They have an IT consolidation program that will move all existing on-premise applications to the Azure platform. The company is famous for its Pulitzer Prize-winning journalism and has evolved into a subscription-based digital media and marketing solutions company.

They are committed to informing, inspiring, and engaging local communities. The company’s media properties offer cutting-edge news and sports on their respective websites and mobile apps.


Digital media has created intense pressures on the news publishing industry. To stay competitive, our client successfully grew its business and maintained its leadership through mergers and acquisitions. They had a challenge: to simplify the jumble of redundant applications and platforms that it had accumulated into the Azure platform.


The client partnered with us because of our lightweight deployment of apps to the Azure platform with a user-friendly interface. We helped the client modernize its entire global enterprise system portfolio and transformed and modernized a distributed 40-year prone and unresponsive media management system.

We helped our client to focus on growing their business and empowering their employees altogether by doing the following:

We worked closely with our client and made recommendations for overall cloud strategy to enable teams and speed to market.

We designed a Robust roadmap for the cloud-native transformation of their customer-facing applications.

We were able to migrate these applications swiftly and exited from the legacy data centers successfully.

DevOps operating model was established to accelerate the automated Route to Live (RTL) process for critical applications and achieve cost efficiency.

The process we followed for the implementation of CI/CD for our client:

Source code creation: This was the first deployment phase, where our team of developers translated our client’s requirements into functional behaviors, features, and algorithms.

The build process: Then, our developers pulled out the source code and established links with relevant modules, libraries, and dependencies. They compiled all of these components into an executable file (.exe). They used different tools to generate logs, which indicate errors and notify developers when they have been corrected.

Dynamic Testing: We did dynamic testing to ensure that any new functions or changes do not cause problems with existing features. We also performed a series of tests to ensure that the build passed all necessary integration, user acceptance, and performance checks. If the testing team figured out any errors, they looped back the results to the developer’s team to make corrections in future builds.

Deployment: We then sent the pipeline to the stakeholders for approval. The build is automatically deployed as soon as it passes the test suite in a continuous deployment pipeline.


Continuous integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD), an orchestrated build process that allows automated unit tests to assist fail-fast strategy, environment provisioning automation, configuration management, Runbook automation, and one-click deployment.

Our client was able to diagnose issues and resolve them quickly with seamless remote and live-site debugging of the platforms.

Traditional software development takes weeks and months to fix the bugs, but our constant CI/CD flow makes it easier to fix bugs faster. This also ensures our products are stable and reliable.

The CI/CD facilitated rapid and efficient communication and collaboration.

The vulnerability checker in CI/CD helped the company spot any potential security flaws in the code to address them as soon as it was discovered.

Our dedicated customer success team and technical support ensured that our client’s newsroom leveraged our solution as a tool to engage their audiences nationwide.

Why Transpire?

Transpire is a global IT consultancy company with over 15 years of experience in digital solutions, providing businesses with a roadmap to digital transformation. We deliver tested solutions to address our client’s needs in the media and marketing industry. Our solutions ensure that our client’s customers are satisfied with their service delivery and reach out to get more.


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