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Dynamic 365 ERP Implementation for Energy & Utility Company to Ensure Data Automation

November 28, 2022

About the Client

Our client has a portfolio of over 500 solar and wind energy installations. The majority of megawatts of production comes from UK operations. It helps companies looking to absorb multiple acquisitions and face challenges with a systemic internal challenge: how to combine legacy Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP) into one cohesive enterprise.


Our client was planning to take on a large and multi-country ERP implementation. The client required an easier-to-use, more cost-effective, and agile platform for its merger & acquisition activities, in which companies regularly move into and out of the portfolio. It was necessary to support many business activities in different territories and reduce IT costs. Also, it was necessary to standardize on one platform and eliminate multiple data sources.

However, they faced a challenge in rolling out their implementation plan within a few months. And this was a massive undertaking because of the complex intercompany financial requirements at the global enterprise level.


Transpire helped this company, with an extensive portfolio of operating companies in the clean energy space, to create a cloud-based and single platform that allowed it to integrate all its global businesses.

What did we offer for the implementation?

For a successful multi-country ERP implementation, we offered the following solutions:

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations: Includes project management, financials, budgeting, and financials for large international companies. The Management includes everything from engineering and manufacturing to warehousing and distribution.

Azure Cloud; BI 360: A corporate performance management (CPM) system that supports Reporting, Budgeting, and Business Intelligence. It is a complete solution for improving the core capabilities and CRM offerings of Microsoft, Sage, and SAP, as well as NetSuite and others.

Our Implementation Process

With the built-in automated business and digital intelligence features of Dynamics 365, we focused more on increasing our client’s revenue along with controlling acquisition costs. Our focus for clients was to win the customers’ trust and increase the number of repeat buyers with personalized sales processes.

By carefully measuring past sales and identifying top indicators of future sales, we ensured that our client’s team was more focused on the priorities.

Personalized customer engagement was also ensured to get an insight into efficient sales management. The faster and more personalized collaboration with customers to get textual insights helped us deliver the services that our client’s customers needed.


Our client was able to automate and control its global operations.

The implementation solutions gave them real-time visibility into their operational and financial operations. It supported them in decision-making, forecasting future outcomes, and improving organizational growth.

Our solutions helped our client combine global operations, adapt quickly to changing market needs, and drive rapid business growth.

Their business processes were automated, and workflows were optimized.

The solid and robust Project Management capabilities of the software recommended ensured the timely delivery of the project.

They were able to roll out their implementation plan within a few months (as planned) and with fewer vulnerabilities.

The sales team (with the help of Dynamic 365 Sales management platform) was able to close more deals.

The team’s more focus on priorities helped our client launch its implementation and yield about 15% increase in revenues in the Q2 of 2022 than previous year.

Why Transpire?

Transpire is a global IT consulting company with more than 15 years of experience providing businesses with digital solutions and a roadmap for digital transformation. We offer advanced and all relevant solutions for the energy industry. Our solutions can yield good results and boost the performance of medium to larger energy businesses with fewer ambiguities. We come up with the most accurate and success-boosting strategies.

We are here to help you revolutionize the future and get ready to fit the challenges that may come ahead. Trust us to enjoy the future you want for your business!


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