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Staff Record Management Using Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

November 28, 2022

About the Customer

Our client is one of the non-profit organizations providing childcare services to children from 6 weeks to 12 years of age. They have an internal process to manage staff records and identify eligible staff members to update the Staff Management System.

Our client wanted a solution that could automate the process and reduce the time and cost spent on evaluating the staff of almost 5,000 staff members.

The Challenge

Manual management of staff records led to increased time and cost spent on Staff Record Management.

The client has an internal process that runs twice a year to discover eligible staff members, prepare and send acknowledgment letters to them, and update the management system of the staff.

The institute wanted the improvement of its key services for a better staff experience.

The management estimated that the system consumes a large number of HR person-hours annually for the evaluation of almost ~5,000 staff members for eligibility.

This involved over 25 manual steps to identify members’ eligibility, using almost 15,000+ transcript pages, criminal records & 8,000 transactions to update staff records.

The Solution

We analyzed their records and helped them deploy Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate the process and reduce the time and cost spent on manual processes.

Process Identification: We identified specific and critical data entry processes for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in the staff management using Microsoft Process advisor.

Process Mining: The process included process mining capability, which involves automated process discovery, conformance checking, performance mining, and variant analysis to deploy an automated testing framework to test automation within the UI-Path tool.

Automated Testing Framework: Our team developed an automated testing framework within the UiPath to test the automation, which was created and trained for super users, thus achieving automation of the three critical processes that integrated the staff management system. The UiPath is a library of foundational activities you can reuse across multiple automation services.

We introduced virtual machines (VMs) to host the automation, thus preventing the challenges of using a group of dedicated laptops, keeping track of hardware and applications, and managing access control and operating system patching. As a result, the HR staff’s efficiency has improved, and they now have sufficient time to spend on other value-adding processes. The steps taken have made the RPA a proven technique that the institution can implement for future business improvement projects.

Benefits & Outcomes

With no intervention, efficiency increased across the board, and tasks were completed at consistent levels without any hassle.

RPA provided error-free performance while eliminating any output variation during operations.

As a non-invasion technology, RPA worked in the background and addressed all the processes that the big legacy systems couldn’t.

The Impact

Automation enhanced productivity across the board for long-term success

Improved efficiency by 20% to generate savings

Improved data security by 10%

Cost savings and reduced chances of errors

Why Transpire?

Transpire is a global IT consultancy company with over 15 years of experience in digital solutions, providing businesses with a roadmap to digital transformation. We provide digital transformation services to help businesses leverage technology to make better business decisions and automate processes. Offload the burden of manual processes and automate them using RPA.


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