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Why are enterprises reaping revenues like never before, with radical data technologies for Digital Transformation

November 25, 2022

Technologies for exponential millennial enterprise growth – leverage the power of IoT, Data Lakes/warehouse/Big Data technology, for advanced data analytics, AI/ML usage

Series of sky-rocketing market demands have gradually built on global Enterprises for over a decade, and the pandemic alone is not to blame. Revolutionary digital technology disruptions, surging and evolving tech-savvy Customers demands, value chain uprisings across industries, everything is playing its own part in a competitive market.

The need for disruptively, digitally transformed global workforce operations is rising at a revolutionary pace. Completely digitally operable enterprises are by default going to be the fundamental need in the coming times. For instance:

Enterprises can now 24X7 start connecting with field devices that would have been siloed for a long time.

Managers can now have constant access to such devices, enabling them to respond swiftly and even proactively to real-time business conditions.

Deployment of digital operational capabilities facilitate deployment of dramatically revolutionizing Tools and Applications. These tools can not only shape precision UX and EX capabilities, but also preemptively provide insights through market data from across endpoints, Enterprise Data Lakes and Data Warehouses.

Digitalizing Enterprises, which used to be once a niche competency of Software companies are now a mandated effort of every Organization, IT or otherwise.

Be always ready for what customer wants next!!!

Leverage next level technologies in Data warehouses, Data Lakes, Data Analytics, BI, AI/ML!!!

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Data is the most crucial component of any Enterprise. Properly and effectively utilizing it, involves its secure storage, as well as extracting precise business information out of it. Modern digital algorithm and technology advancements have mandated enterprises to deploy digitally disruptive and transformed platforms. Other vital aspects include empowerment of resources with relevant, digital skills to handle huge volume of dynamic data. It is vital to deploy suitable digital tools that personnel can trust and churn out exact, reliable, insightful and meaningful business information.

The incredible power of advanced Data warehousing & Data Lakes

Industry experts reiterate the phenomenal power of Data Lakes as foundations to tactical data management. Data Lakes convert massive enterprise data mines into priceless, insightful benefits and positive business outcomes. Data Lakes form the ideal platform for Enterprises to optimally employ their Analytics, and AI/ML applications.

Implementation of digital technology, Analytics and AI/ML calls for securing a wide range and categories of enterprise data. Outdated, legacy Database Management are based on inflexible database infrastructure that can only capture internal data, with pre-set layouts.

Today’s Data Lakes technology however facilitate data sourcing from varied bases, flexibly operate and play around with such data.

Data Lakes in tandem with AI/ML and CX/UX platforms- the basis for digital transformation

The ‘NXT-GEN’ evolution for Data storage & warehousing

Instantly identify prospects/customers, data democratization & governance

Capture precious business insights

The strength of Cloud-based Data Management

Leverage world-class Cloud Platform based Apps, Data warehouse technologies (Data Lakes, Snowflake etc. DevOps, Data Pipelines)!!!

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Needless to indicate, the Cloud has emerged as a radical transformer of not just Enterprise IT alone, but also the very structure of how businesses are conducted. It is not just about data in today’s millennial world being at the fingertips of every individual. It is now all about how data is intelligently manipulated through auto-analytics tools in novel ways to produce precise information for Users. The Cloud has revolutionized Enterprise business models unto the most elementary levels with its disruptive, robust data analytics capabilities. It has become a mandate hence for Enterprises to flexibly transmute all facets of their operations to accommodate groundbreaking changes posed by Cloud.

Global Enterprises are already into tapping newer market prospects through pioneering digital and analytics adoption. Operational adjustments, employee empowerment, Services and product transformations, seamless customer experiences and engagements, the list is endless.

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Transpire Capabilities

Data warehousing, Data Lakes, ETL, Cloud Data Engineering

Advanced techniques in Data warehousing and Database Management

Support for Analytics processes

Mobilize updated database architectures – Data Lakes, Big Data, and much more

Data cleansing, enriching data, and data integration

Wholesome access to enterprise data for Users

Integrating enterprise data

Methodical Data Governance

Extract-Transform-Load (ETL)

Put in place Data Quality Management techniques

Master Data admin

Create Logical Data models

Data Lakes

Put in place Self-Service Analytics practices

Combined multiple data sources into one data system

The 4 Vs: Volume, Velocity, Variety, Veracity

Inbuilding Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) techniques


Ensure data Quality, ensure data harmonization, including infrastructure

Enabling advanced Data Lake technology (on-Premises or Cloud-based or, Hybrid)

Mobilize ETL techniques for BI dashboard

Extract data, profiling, and transformation

Put in place auto ETL tasks by extracting data from multiple sources

Data transformation process scheduling prior to data loading into data mart or data warehouse

Provide a wholistic business view using Integrated dashboards

Big Data

Mobilize advanced Big Data Architecture, customized for every business need

Put in place the best analytics techniques that seamlessly integrates with enterprise data warehouses. Mobilize advanced tools usage such as Python, R Studio Spark and much more

Create modern data visualization – insight providing GUI based dashboards, reporting, and tools like Tableau, DOMO etc

Install, manage and administer Big Data on-premises as well as on Cloud

Mobilize Analytics technology in real-time – event streaming, sensoring etc., with advanced tools like Spark, Databricks etc

Mining of Big Data: Leverage best values of Hadoop data, with tools like Spark etc

Cloud based Data Engineering

Mobilize standard and optimal data management, catering to B2B services and other industries

Effortlessly data platform challenges and issues across industry verticals

Mobilize engineered data on Cloud to aid easy decision making for managers

Migrate to Cloud

Systematically plan what and how to migrate to Cloud platforms (AWS/Azure/Google Cloud), track status migration status of applications, database/server statuses, no matter what migration tool you use

Augment business productivity, momentum and agility by migrating to Cloud

Reduce commercial risks

Want to know more about Transpire’s state-of-the-art Data warehousing, Data Lakes, ETL, Cloud Data Engineering capabilities?

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