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Cloud Environment Solutions for Navigation and Traffic Control Company

December 2, 2022

Fast Facts

Company Size: 4500 Employees across the globe

Client Industry: Airline Industry

Technical Details: Google Suite to Office365 Migration

About the Client

Our client is a state-owned company that provides navigation and traffic control services. They provide training and consultancy services throughout Europe in air navigation, air traffic management, and consulting.

They are subject to the 2005 Public Records Act (PRA) by the government. The enterprise began transitioning from an old on-premise infrastructure to the cloud in 2015. It also met strict civil aviation and government regulations like the PRA and Health and Safety Reform Bill of 2016.


The government owns our client’s company. The enterprise began transitioning from an old on-premise infrastructure to the cloud in 2015.

Our client faced a challenge in ensuring that electronic records met the Mandatory Standards for Public Records and were compliant with Google Workspace. The government was also committed to protecting records against accidental deletions or user errors. The team at Airways Digital Information had other goals than compliance. They needed to improve audit reporting efficiency, increase end-user adoption, and maintain a well-organized collaboration environment.

Our client doesn’t have a central repository with custom permissions to store confidential data. This makes it more difficult when sharing information with other users. Coordinating collaborative assignments is complex, and the team cannot complete shared tasks.


Airways tried several third-party options before finally choosing to partner with us. Our client preferred us based on our comprehensive suite of solutions to business operations. These solutions could increase their security and allow them to comply strictly with controls and document lifecycle management. We demonstrated the ease of usage of our solutions to our clients and partnered with us for the long term.

What did we do to solve the challenges?

We helped our clients install office 365 solutions to keep them on track with their business goals.

We worked on improving the native backup capabilities of the company. We enabled the backup for the software to help the company retrieve essential documents that would otherwise have been lost. This is important as critical documents might get lost when the employee leaves the company.

We used Microsoft Office365 Cloud Governance to manage, delete, and clean up the group environment of the company. This allows the users to create PRA-compliant groups without involving the Digital Workplace team.

We integrated all applications so employees could carry out more seamless operations within the workplace. We created SharePoint Sites and Libraries with the help of custom role assignments.

The disposal and archival routine to move content were carried out in a disciplined, automated, and efficient manner.


Cloud Governance helped the client self-serve and improved their productivity by up to 15%.

The proper app integration helps the employees reduce the effort that is otherwise required to make a change ad hoc.

The automated content movement processes increased our client satisfaction and helped them maintain a positive brand image for the end-users.

We ensured increased record management reporting and efficiency.

Our automated processes helped our client achieve PRA compliance in a cloud environment.

Our client is now proactively monitoring and governing the lifecycle, provisioning, and expiration of 280+ Office 365 Groups.

Our client was satisfied with our services, which saved them time and helped them do things efficiently that they couldn’t do before.

Why Transpire?

Transpire is a global IT consulting company with more than 15 years of experience providing businesses with digital solutions and a roadmap for digital transformation. We understand the needs of our clients and devise solutions accordingly. Our solutions for cloud environments help our clients achieve their business goals quickly and efficiently.


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