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Deploying a Web-Based Meeting Preparation Software for BoD Meetings

December 6, 2022

About the Customer

The client belongs to a non-profit firm that manages nuclear waste and designs and implements strategies for the safe and long-term management of used nuclear fuel. The firm collaboratively plans and confirms each strategy through ongoing dialogue and collaboration with experts to ensure work benefits from the available research and experience.

The organization’s Board of Directors meets every month to review reports presented by all the stakeholders across the organization. All members need to acknowledge each step of the meeting process starting from agenda creation to issuing MoM along with action items manually.

The Challenge

Multiple secretaries performed extremely manual & cumbersome 72+ processes which included:

Setting up and sharing meeting agendas with multiple stakeholders for inputs & acknowledgments back & forth.

Collecting, reviewing, consolidating & tracking each version of documents by each stakeholder.

Drafting MoM was complex and involved extreme manual efforts at every stage of the process.

What we did?

We provided the client with a web-based meeting preparation solution to ease the process of BoD meetings and reduce the time spent on cumbersome tasks.

The Solution

Our team of experts helped the client deploy a web-based meeting preparation software for their BoD meetings to address the issue while using SharePoint and Power Automate to build workflows.

We helped the company build SharePoint workflows and architecture. The solution included a SharePoint migration effort to restructure the company’s existing content and workflows.

Additionally, this helped the business automate workflows by integrating new Microsoft technologies with SharePoint, such as Microsoft Flow and Microsoft Teams.

Our action plan:

Mapping of Business Process to Each KPI: We started with business process mapping to visually display the steps within the business process to analyze how they’re done from the start.

Development of a Secure Document Repository: We developed a secure document repository in SharePoint for all the stakeholders who could access the shared storage space as per their access controls. Also, the users could find files easily, work on them together, and access them from any device at any time.

Setup of Predefined Auto-approvals Processes: We set up an auto-approval process that could preview submitted tasks for approval or rejection. Our experts transitioned to Power Automate flows to streamline approvals for data in SharePoint, Dynamics 365, SQL, etc., so that the users can create single, sequential, and parallel approvals and view sent and received requests in a unified place.

Moreover, the accepted updates will be included in the project schedule based on predefined auto-approval processes.

We analyzed the processes and built documents on predefined word templates to enable stakeholders to easily understand the requirements for BoD meetings. The software contained a secure interface where the BoD agenda and MoM could be created.

Benefits & Outcomes

The paperless board meeting application was able to boost meetings’ efficiency while improving collaboration and communication among board members and other meeting attendees.

It allowed the stakeholders to digitally access and store their board documents in a secure and safe platform on any device as well as carried significant cost savings for BoD and organizations alike.

MoM Agenda and Action Items auto-shared and tracked automatically.

The BoD now has instant access to meeting information, and multi-auto notifications provide reminders to all stakeholders.

The software enables an intuitive board experience, and the board members can support goal-oriented decision-making since they now have to spend less on cumbersome processes and more on other productive tasks.

The Impact

The application reduced the manual efforts of the Secretary and the Board of Directors by 90%.

The efficiency & Security of documents increased by 100%

80% fewer clicks into data input securely using automation.

The approval process was automated with multi-action points that involved 50+ stakeholders across multiple teams

Why Transpire?

Transpire is a global IT consulting company with more than 15 years of experience providing businesses with digital solutions and a roadmap for digital transformation. We are a team of experts who provide strategy and consulting services to businesses and help them embark on the journey toward digital transformation while providing solutions to manage their IT processes.


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