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Swap Body Effectiveness Measurement Using Digital Twin Model

November 29, 2022

About the Customer

The client is one of the largest CIS manufacturer of luxury trucks. It not only produces heavy trucks but also trailers, truck cranes, buses, motor cars, and other vehicles.

Along with other multiple framework projects, the client introduced a brand new and special V-DLD semi-trailer tractor. This unit is equipped with a multi-purpose container that can be dismounted easily and quickly.

Another benefit of these containers is that they are cheaper, lighter, more spacious and easier to reload than standard containers.

The Challenge

Despite a wide range of benefits that apply to swap body containers, there are several disadvantages. Thus, at the initial stage of the project, the management of the company wanted to understand to what extent the swap body container delivery would be more effective than the conventional delivery modes.

The Solution

The client hired us to help them understand the difference in effectiveness between conventional delivery methods and swap body container delivery.

We performed an in-depth analysis of the situation and chose the right approach of utilizing the A&Z transport optimization software as a modeling tool. It got us the most accurate results and solutions for the problem.

How did we use this software to determine the effectiveness of swap body containers?

Intracity and intercity transportation processes: Our developers developed real processes of intercity and intracity transportation in the supply network of the company. It helped them to make a comparison among a number of containers and tractors required to yield accurate results in case of conventional delivery method versus the swap body ones and to conduct model tests for transportation simulation.

An agent-based approach to stimulation: A&Z transport optimization software was used by our developers as a modeling tool. The developers utilized one of the advantages of the software as an agent-based approach to simulation, and described each component’s behavior within the supply chain in detail.

This designed digital twin model helped our developers to reflect the transportation process of various components from the suppliers’ warehouses to the warehouse of the company’s assembly line facility. This process involved 70 trucks performing up to 200 rides a day. The developers used the model to present and demonstrate the swap body delivery using the company’s trucks.

Benefits and Outcomes

In the designed digital twin model, the developers could reflect the transportation process of various components from the suppliers’ warehouses to the warehouse of the company’s assembly line facility.

The simulation model (involving 70 trucks performing up to 200 rides a day) helped them demonstrate the swap body delivery using the client’s trucks.

The accurate demonstration helped the company understand the effectiveness of the swap body container delivery.

This understanding helped our client better decide to use swap body containers for their delivery processes.


The use and maintenance of swap-body containers reduced transport cost about 20 times.

The bigger size holds more delivery products and reduces the need for more containers (compared to conventional delivery containers).

The process of container change takes only a few minutes. Hence, the vehicle passes the container to the other vehicle, travels over its route and comes back to its base along with another container even faster.

Why Transpire?

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