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We Provide New Operating Model for Workforce to Develop a Skill-based Organization

December 2, 2022

Globally people are undergoing a delicate shift toward an ideology for producing and maintaining labor. In the digital age, as we move through this transition, the future shapes up to a diversified workforce that is more skilled than ever and can reach broader audiences via today’s global digitization.

The job—the most fundamental component—might impede many organizations. Many are now using skills-based models to meet the demand for agility, agency, and equity.

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Our platform fosters a vibrant community of skill-sharers who use their skills on demand and get rewarded for it instantly. We build the future of tomorrow by harnessing technology to grow your skills while reaping the rewards now!

How does Transpire Support Its Employees?

Transpire has a culture that is focused on our employees. We are committed to making life better for them and their families.

Our mission is to become the employer of choice in the healthcare industry. We offer competitive compensation, excellent benefits, and a work environment where people can thrive.

Only 5% of business executives strongly agree that their company is investing enough in helping people learn new skills to keep up with the rapidly changing nature of the workplace, even though 77% of business executives believe their company should help workers become more employable with relevant skills.


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That’s why, we want to make sure that we’re providing an optimal experience for our employees, so we:

Drive Meaningful Change

At Transpire, we believe that people are our most important asset. We invest in their growth and development because we understand that our future success depends on the strength of the relationships we have with each other.

Our culture is built on trust, respect, and honesty — we work together to create an environment where ideas are encouraged, and innovation thrives.

Care About You

Transpire has a long history of providing various benefits to our employees. We offer competitive compensation packages and a flexible work environment that allows you to balance your life with your career goals.

Inspire Your Potential

Transpire is committed to providing an environment that supports professional growth and development for employees to reach their full potential as leaders within the organization. Our comprehensive training programs provide opportunities for personal growth through various learning experiences, such as formal classroom training sessions and online courses.

Our Skills-based Organization in Practice

As we’ve seen, when we look at the future of work, our focus is on the individual, not the job. We believe that each person has unique skills — and that these skills will determine how they work.

According to an HR executive survey, 85% plan to redesign how work is organized to make flexible skill portability possible over the next three years.


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So, our goal is to build an organization that reflects this new reality. That means moving away from traditional structures and processes to ones that are more flexible, agile, and even fun. It means building a culture where everyone has access to a range of opportunities — learning new skills or taking on new roles — regardless of where they started their careers.

And it means creating systems that allow people to manage their careers — as opposed to being managed by others or circumstances.

Liberating Work From the Confines of the Job

The first step is to liberate work from the confines of the job. In other words, rather than thinking of workers as having one job and one skill set, we must think of them as having multiple skills and jobs. This means that instead of a single employee doing a single task for their entire career (like being an accountant or an engineer), we must think about someone who has many different responsibilities and does many different things at once.

Using Skills to Make Decisions About Work and the Workforce

We don’t hire people for specific roles but look at their skills first. This means we can move people around easily if demand changes or someone gets promoted. It also means we can create new roles without hiring new people — just by pulling people from other teams with the right skills for the job. The result is greater flexibility for both individuals and organizations.

Building a “Skills Hub”

The skills hub is a group of people from different departments responsible for helping individuals develop their skills.

This allows us to better match people with jobs that suit their skills. The hub also includes tools for employees to build profiles and track career development. It also allows managers to use our online platform to post job descriptions, hold discussions with candidates or evaluate candidates.

Reconceiving Workers From Being Employees in Jobs to Being a “Workforce of One”

Our Skills Hub is a central place where we can find all the tools, resources, and experts required to fulfill our needs. We have created it as an online platform where everyone can share their skills and create opportunities for collaboration. The Skills Hub allows us to find the expert we need for the projects we have in mind, collaborate with them, and ensure our projects are done correctly.

How Transpire Managed to Develop a Skills-based Organization?

The Transpire team has been working for years to develop a skills-based organization. The best way to do this is by starting with the team and building from there.

Here are some tips for doing so:

Think Evolution, Not Revolution

When evolving your organization into a skills-based one, you must wait to flip a switch and expect everything to change overnight. While this approach may work in some cases, it’s not sustainable and could cause more problems than it solves. It’s better to start with small steps and build up over time until you’re ready for larger ones that will truly impact your business model.

Always Lead With the Why

You need to know why you want something or what value it will bring your organization in the long run (or even short term), so chances are good that you won’t be able to communicate this effectively to employees and stakeholders alike. This means that when making changes, try to focus on why the change is important first before diving into how things will look afterward — this will make it easier for everyone involved to understand what’s happening and why it’s beneficial for everyone involved.

Find Your Pain Point or Lowest-Hanging Fruit

Choose a skill-based practice area where there is the strongest business case based on your firm’s unique demands and challenges. For instance, many firms are now valuing talents when hiring rather than just degrees or experience to enhance equity, diversity, and workplace culture in response to a tight labor market. Alternately, start with practices like learning and development or talent acquisition that can employ mature technologies easily accessible as updates to current HR information systems, such as talent marketplaces, or that have the clearest connections to skills today.

Reimagine Your Workforce With Transpire Technologies

The work environment is changing. The traditional approach to work has become outdated and ineffective. It is time for a relevant, scalable, and effective operating model that can be used by business leaders, HR professionals, and managers.

This new operating model can be developed through micro-skills, the building blocks of a skills-based organization. This is where we come in. We provide a framework for developing micro-skills aligned with best practices across industries. These micro-skills can be used as an effective operating model to help drive industry success while creating a sustainable workforce strategy.


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