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IT Infrastructure Management for Retail Industry

December 15, 2022

About the Client

Our client is a small business that operates in the retail industry. They own and manage a brick-and-mortar store chain that sells various products, from clothing and accessories to home goods and electronics. It is a famous shopping point for customers who enjoy shopping, chatting with representatives, testing and trying products, and purchasing items.


The client provided excellent services to its customers but needed help managing the operation in-house. It faced many challenges regarding providing support to its employees and managing IT infrastructure.

Some of the top challenges that clients reached out to us are:

In-house IT knowledge was limited: Our client usually faced issues with its IT systems, which are core to providing operational facilities to its employees. And, to solve these IT issues, our client needed an IT team or staff with extensive technical expertise. It took a lot of work for them to resolve any issues they encountered with their IT systems. Hence, the work environment within the company was disturbed, and employees were not comfortable working.

Inadequate central support: Although each client had its own IT support person for their store, there needed to be coordination or standardization within the company. This made it challenging to provide the assistance employees needed. With this lack of assistance for the employees in times of need, employees lost trust in the authority. They were unwilling to invest their time and energy in effective operationalization.

The client’s budget was limited: Investing in infrastructure is expensive, But because they were a small company, they had very little money to invest in IT infrastructure or support. They wanted to find cost-effective solutions that would provide the support they needed for their employees without breaking the bank.


Our client contacted many IT service providers but was dissatisfied with the results. They partnered with us to get seamless IT support and helpdesk services. The main reason our client stuck to our partnership was the wide range of services that we provide relevant to their needs and requirements.

What did we do to address these challenges?

A core focus on requirements: Every business has its set of requirements and preferences, which is critical to understand before starting to work on its project. Keeping this in mind, we worked closely with our client to design and implement their AD system. Our focus was primarily on their unique infrastructure.

Migration: The next step we focused on while helping our client implement their system was the easy and reliable migration. For this, we migrated our client’s user accounts and access control to the AD system. Also, we established controls and policies to ensure the IT resources are accessible securely and efficiently.

Training and support: Next, it was essential to help our client’s team know how to use and manage their new AD system. It was necessary for the successful operation of the client’s company. For this, we provided support and training to the IT team. Our training was focused on helping them to speed up with their new AD system. We also provided support and maintenance to ensure the AD system was stable and optimal.


Implementing the new AD system for our client introduced many benefits to their company. Our partnership in support and optimization helped our client point out a clear difference in their performance within the company and outside.

Some of the key benefits include:

Comprehensive assessment of client’s infrastructure: Our first step in working on our client’s project was to assess their IT infrastructure and support processes. We focused on the minor details and identified the key areas where the client required support.

A plan to implement: After assessing our client’s IT infrastructure and support processes, we developed a strategic plan to implement and improve the processes.

Support and training: To enhance the IT knowledge and expertise within the team, we provided support and training to the employees. In our training, we primarily focused on the parts that could impact our client’s performance as a growing business.

Continuous support: We also provide ongoing support and guidance and answer the questions of their employees. At the same time, they learn the critical aspects of the IT systems and applications used in the company.

Provided cost-effective solutions: Our solutions to our clients were cost-effective, reliable, and scalable and met their needs.


Our solutions provide significant benefits to our clients. Some of the benefits are listed below:

Our cost-effective solutions helped our clients save a lot of money they can invest in their goods and services.

Our client’s employees were now confident to handle any IT issues occurring in-house and handle the problem just in time.

Our continuous training and support helped our client create a positive work environment for the employees, who were ready to work with passion.

Due to more extraordinary efforts put in by the employees, our client was able to make good customer relationships and boost the revenue by 7% within 6 months.

A simplified and integrated data management application helped our client get a simplified platform to perform business operations efficiently.

Why Transpire?

Retail brick-and-mortar stores face many challenges, including providing their employees with a simplified, integrated platform to perform business operations to make better relations with their customers. An optimized IT solution can help them get more robust in both.

Transpire is a global IT consultancy company with over 15 years of experience in digital solutions, providing businesses with a roadmap to digital transformation. We provide IT solutions to the retail industry based on their needs and requirements. Our solutions are cost effective and help you get better at performing business operations successfully.

Reach out to us today to discuss your requirements, and leave the rest to us!


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